Homeschoolers, Homeschooling parents, Homemakers looking to restart their careers, Enjoying retirement, Freshers, Graduates, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Everyone is invited to join our inclusive community.

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The ultimate Homeschool Hustle hub, where textbooks take a backseat, and hustle takes the wheel!

We’re calling all the game-changers, dream-chasers, and trend-setters to join us on a journey that’s all about turning your hustle dreams into reality. Get ready to slay, innovate, and build your empire!

Embark on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and success!

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We’re inviting all homeschooling teens to be part of a dynamic community where dreams aren’t just dreamt; they’re turned into reality.

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Get ready to thrive, ignite, and make your mark!

Turn your passion into profits!

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It’s not just about making money; it’s about creating a movement.


Slay in Squads!

You won’t be hustling solo; you’ll be part of a squad where everyone brings in their own expertise. From creative minds to tech wizards, each squad member has a distinctive role. Together, you’ll form a dream team ready to set the world on fire.
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Launch, Market, Expand:

It’s not just about the idea; it’s about the execution. Your squad will brainstorm, ideate, and craft a business plan that’s straight fire! From launching your concept to marketing it like a boss, you’ll be hands-on in every stage of the hustle journey!
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Each member will have their own responsibilities, whether you’re the social media maestro, the finance guru, or the visionary leader, your role will be crucial in the success of your squad’s venture.

Lets investigate potential business concepts such as:

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Thinking about starting a studio?

Well, guess what?

Studio Launch

We’re ready to help you launch it! From photography to recording and all the artsy stuff, we’ve got the perfect setup to boost your creative game.
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Savor the Success:

Join hands with Econstruct to create a culinary haven that promotes purity, health, and a unique dining experience.

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Ever dreamt of diving into the digital scene?


We’re here to help you launch your own digital marketing company. We’ve got the tools and tricks to make your online presence stand out.
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Crafting Your Brand Look:

Got a knack for tidying up?

We’ve got something special for you. At Econstruct, we’re pros at graphics design. Let us help you create awesome portfolios and make your brand stand out.
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Thinking of making software magic like ePMC?

Innovate Like a Pro

We’re on it! Let’s team up and use our know-how at Econstruct Design & Build Pvt. Ltd. to create software solutions that are user-friendly and game-changing.
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Simplify, Transform, Thrive:

Got a knack for tidying up?


Join us in launching your own decluttering business. We’re all about helping people and businesses tidy up their spaces for a more Zen lifestyle.
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Ready to dip your toes into HR

and talent acquisition?

Your Internship

Join our internship program and get hands-on experience in recruitment and talent management.
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Be the behind-the-scenes hero

of businesses with admin tasks.

Your Organizing Gig:

We’ll help you master organizational skills crucial for smooth business operations.
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Dive into the world of
accounting and finance.

We’ll  help  you  master organizational skills Get savvy with numbers for smart financial decisions

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Your Financial

Understand  the  stock  market and mutual funds. Gain  insights  to  grow  your  personal  and business finances.

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Your Legal Eagle

Master the art of managing contracts. We’ll teach you to navigate the legal side of business like a pro.

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Your Event
Planner Role

Dive into the thrilling world of event management. Plan unforgettable experiences and leave your mark in the events game.
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Your Design Wonderland

Unleash your creativity in interior designing. Transform spaces with style and make your mark in the world of design.
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Craft Cinematic

Ever wanted to step into the world of
video editing?

We’ve got the perfect business idea for you. Dive into the art of crafting cinematic stories through video editing. Whether it’s for events, marketing, or content creation, your editing skills can bring visuals to life.

Join us on this journey, where every cut, transition, and
effect adds magic to the story you want to tell. Let’s make
your mark in the world of visual storytelling!
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Shape Your Imagination:

Ever dreamt of bringing your ideas
to life in three dimensions?

Dive into the world of 3D Modeling & Animation! Whether it’s creating stunning visualizations, immersive animations, or virtual worlds, this business idea is your ticket to transforming concepts into captivating realities.
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Define Your Style,
Elevate Your Presence:

Have a knack for fashion and a keen
eye for personal style?

Consider diving into the world of Image Consulting! As an Image Consultant, your mission is to help individuals and businesses create a polished, authentic, and impactful visual identity.
You are free to pitch in your
own indivisual ideas!
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An Inspiring Environment for Growth

Home Away from Home

Enjoy comfortable accommodation at Life Engineering Foundation’s facilities for just Rs 12,000 per month, covering food and lodging.
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Dive deep into the intricacies of brand building with
specialized training in a chosen domain, guided by
industry experts.

Are you ready to thrive, ignite, and make waves? Secure your spot now and let the Teenpreneur journey begin!
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+91 90367 44017

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The Life Engineering Foundation 3rd Floor, Venkatdhari Heights, Parappana Agrahara Main Rd, kudlu , Banagalore

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