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This is hereby informed to every online course attendee that we have launched this course to help the students to learn the things properly and set their career in right path. In order to do that, we are providing all the recorded videos and materials to the students. Every material provided by us (e.g. Video Files, CADD Plans, Excel Sheets etc.) is strictly prohibited to COPY IN SEVERAL SYSTEMS (EXCEPT ONE PC/LAPTOP OR ONE MOBILE FOR EACH STUDENT), CAPTURE THROUGH ANY SCREEN RECORDING SOFTWARE, RECORD THROUGH ANY MEDIUM etc. All the videos are there in encrypted format it’s not possible to make any copy or recording out of it, but whenever it has been tried by anyone, we get null hit points through which we can figure out what exactly has been tried by whom. This is to inform again that from students’ point of view the purpose of this course should be solely to learn and get benefitted, not to do any kind of piracy or copy. We expect the same approach from our students as well.

Watch Limit for Every Video is 3 Times, it means suppose one video is 2 hours duration, one can watch that video (3X2) = 6 hours. So, for that particular video 6 hours will be the watching time duration for each person.


Watch videos at your convenient timeCopy
Watch the videos with full attentivenessScreen Capture or Screen Recording from Any Third-Party Software
Try to learn holisticallyTry to run in other systems except the allocated one
Ask the doubts based on your course contentAny kind of Piracy
Keep PracticingConnect any kind of Projector or Broadcasting Tool
Be PatientPanic
Contact us if any problems are there regarding videos or anything 


  1. Watch the video, pause in between, take the notes and go ahead. Don’t make it a group activity otherwise your watch timings of videos will get reduced.
  2. Start working on the Assignments given sequence wise. Don’t jump or try to learn everything at a time.
  3. Make the notes out of videos very properly, note down each and every step so that you can directly refer notes while working on assignments.
  4. Start listing your doubts every time and post it in workgroup chat.
  5. Don’t start panicking if reply take some time, to revert back sometimes might not be immediately. Our official working hours is Mon-Fri (10AM – 7PM), we don’t work in holidays that’s why sometimes it might take some little more time, in that case just be patient and wait for your turn.
  6. Everything promised in curriculum of this course, will be covered within stipulated time, we are very much committed in that so don’t worry regarding completion of entire course. Give your full effort and go gradually to take the maximum benefit out of this entire time span.
  7. Try to understand the concept as much as you can from video, if you find any difficulties just note down the doubts and get it clarified from your workgroup chat/1:1 meeting with our engineers (Once in a week for one student).
  8. If we found any suspicious activities as mentioned above in STANDARD OPERATION PROCEDURE, we hereby possess the authority to suspend that particular admission onspot without any further clarifications and that person will be liable to pay Rs.50,00,000/- (INR) as penalty amount for attempting to do the piracy/copy or any other mentioned prohibited activity.
  9. If any doubts are there regarding online advance course, let us know and get it clarified from us.
  10. Once the student will get the dashboard login credentials, he/she is not allowed to contact with any one of the company personnel through WhatsApp/Phone call or any other medium except dashboard chat until asked to do so.
  11. Students has to follow each and every regulation in order to continue with Online Advance Study Course. Once cancellation comes on any account, that will not be taken back under any kind of circumstances.



Once admission procedure got over and payment is done, refund is not possible as per company policy under any kind of circumstances. Please clarify all your doubts regarding course before taking the admission only.

Shraddha Pingale
Jt. Managing Director
Econstruct Design & Build Pvt. Ltd