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is like a
super niche thing?
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It’s kind of like a
judgmental science,
if you catch my drift.

To really nail it, you gotta have loads of Passion, be super Patient, and put in tons of Practice.

And here’s the kicker: you can’t really
learn it all from books or lectures.

it’s all about getting down and doing it with ON-JOB training from the real deal experts in the industry.

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You know, learning the ropes by actually doing stuff on real projects, side by side with those who've been around the block.

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From sketching out centerline plans to making things good to go for construction, it's all part of the ride.

What is ON-JOB Training?
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Work On Live Project

Gain practical experience through live project work.

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100% Placement Guarantee in India or UAE

If you are regular and have successfully completed your project

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Experience Letter

Attendance should be more than 90%

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Digital Library

24/7 accessibility is available.

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Personal Branding

Personal branding is crafting your unique image to stand out as an expert in your field.

Experience From Center Line Plan ( CLP ) to Good for Construction ( GFC )

Get the opportunity to work alongside the Econstruct technical team from
9:55 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday, and explore plans such as
Centerline to GFC.

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Center Line Plan


Good for Construction Drawings (GFC)

Work on RCC, Steel, Composite, PEB, Shuttering design, Post-tension (PT),
and handle both International and Indian Projects.

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ON-JOB Learning Program for Passionate Structural Engineers to work on RCC, STEEL, Composite Structures

Master Study In Structural Engineering

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Mode of Training

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Offline Students can be there at the Office premises from 8.55 am to 7 pm as its a ON-JOB Learning program. They can be in the office with our team for minimum 7 to 8 hours per Day from Monday to Friday.

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Online students can learn through the pre-recorded videos and get the recordings of the Live sessions too. Hence, there is no particular batch time for the Online Students. This is a self-paced mode of learning as the videos are accessible 24/7.

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Hybrid batch students can enjoy the flexibility of learning through pre-recorded videos and attending live sessions, while also having the opportunity for on-the-job learning at our office premises during designated hours from Monday to Friday.

Before joining the on-the-job training program, you should watch all of these videos.
Course Overview
On job learning program

Course details

12 months

Training Duration

New Batch Starting Date: 25th July 2024

( Both Online and Offline)

Pattern of Training :
ON-JOB Learning on the real projects
with the Econstruct's Team.
Its Hand's ON Learning Program with experience letter

Explore the intricate world of Structural Engineering


An exclusive field steeped in scientific judgment and precision. Aspiring to become a Structural Design Engineer? Prepare to embrace a path requiring patience and dedication. Mastery in this field isn't an overnight achievement, but rather the result of years of relentless practice and hard-earned wisdom.

Your journey to a successful career in Structural Engineering pivots on the 'Three Ps':


Whats wrong with the making process of a Civil Engineer 2 1 1

Embrace a fervor for Structural Design that propels your curiosity and learning


Tips to get a job as a Structural Engineers 1

Understand that deep-rooted expertise is built over time, nurtured by years of hands-on experience with varied projects.


Career Opportunities In Civil Engineering 1

Continuously challenge yourself with diverse structural projects spanning RCC, STEEL, and composite materials. A broader exposure aids in honing the skills needed to become a competent and versatile Structural Engineer in the truest sense.

Make your mark in the world of structures with us. Your commitment to these 'Three Ps' will guide you towards a rewarding career in Structural Engineering.

Discover the essence of Structural Engineering

E con workshop

A discipline that transcends traditional, syllabus-bound training or conventional classroom instruction. Dive into experiential learning with a hands-on, job-oriented approach, where you immerse yourself in the full lifecycle of real-world projects, from the Center Line Plan to the ‘Good for Construction’ stage.

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Optimal learning of Structural Engineering comes under the mentorship of an experienced industry expert, ideally a licensed Structural Engineer. We, at Econstruct Design and Build Pvt Ltd., present you with this enriching opportunity through our ON-JOB Learning program.

sandeep sirs pic for website

Guiding this program is our esteemed Founder and Managing Director, Sandeep Pingale. With over two decades of substantial experience in India and the Gulf, Mr. Pingale has earned his reputation designing structures that reach the skies – including an impressive G+81 story building. Moreover, he holds an unlimited structures license, showcasing his unbound expertise in the field.

Mr. Pingale brings a blend of passion and proficiency to his mentorship, eager to share his wealth of knowledge and skills with upcoming structural engineers. His experience extends to training over 1,000 students, professionals, and structural consultants globally.

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Join our team at Econstruct for a truly transformative journey, working on real projects from around the world. Harness the opportunity to learn Structural Engineering in the most practical and inspiring manner under the guidance of our expert team.

Aspiring Structural Engineers often fall into the misconception that mastering tools like ETABS or STAADPRO alone will crown them as experts in the field. The truth is, Structural Engineering extends far beyond a mere understanding of software. After all, the software in use can vary between different companies and projects.

Structrual Eng
Structural engg

At Econstruct, we foster a holistic learning approach, offering training in a real-world,
ON-THE-JOB environment. We focus on four key pillars:

Structural Engineering Knowledge

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Grasp fundamental principles and advanced concepts in structural engineering.

Software-Based Knowledge

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Gain proficiency in diverse software tools used in the industry, beyond just ETABS or STAADPRO.

Code-Based Knowledge

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Learn the intricacies of building and structural codes that govern engineering practices.

Project-Based Knowledge


Apply what you learn in the context of real-world projects, adding practical wisdom to your theoretical understanding.

master studyi in drawing drafting 1

To truly excel as a Structural Engineer, you must also develop strong technical reporting and presentation skills, essential for thriving in the industry. Critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills are also indispensable. These enable you to oversee a project’s entire lifecycle, from the Center Line Plan to the ‘Good for Construction’ drawing.

master studyi in drawing drafting 1
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At Econstruct, our comprehensive training regimen emphasizes all these aspects, preparing you to secure a core job in the structural engineering sector, whether in India or abroad. Our approach is not just about teaching; it’s about molding you into a well-rounded, competent Structural Engineer.

Video Resume Of Trainee Structural Design Engineer

@ Econstruct Design and Build Pvt Ltd
Softwares Covered
Civil construction softwraes

ETABS Basics & Advanced

Civil construction softwraes


Civil construction softwraes


Civil construction softwraes

SAP 2000

Civil construction softwraes

CSI Bridge

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CSI Detailer

Civil construction softwraes


Civil construction softwraes


Live project
hands on skill upgradation program

Structural Projects you will be working on

Live classes
hands on skill upgradation program

Live Master Study Classroom Session

hands on skill upgradation program

Glimpses from the live online class

Glimpse of a Classroom Whiteboard / Digital Board

Itenirary for students

Files to brief you on the course

Main trainer portfolio
Workshop Syllabus
E-Construct Portfolio
Sample Internship certificate
Visual Resume
our students work in top companies

Where our students are placed

master study program reviews

Students review

Across The Globe
Our Students from

We Are Getting Admissions From


Skills required as a Structural Design Engineer

Structural Engineering
Frequently Asked questions


Master Study in Structural Engineering

The Duration is roughly 12 months for both Online & Offline Courses. You may ask that why is the duration variable ? This is a ON-JOB learning program in which you get opportunity to work on real Live Projects with our technical team. Duration may vary slightly depending on your allotted project and also your speed / overall performance. Kindly note : Its not allowed to take long holidays during the course as you are involved in the Real Projects.

25th July 2024 ( Both Online and offline batches will start on the same day )

Batch Timings will be notified to you after the admission as the batch time varies from batch to batch.

Online students can learn through the pre-recorded videos and get the recordings of the Live sessions too. Hence, there is no particular batch time for the Online Students. However, they are welcome to the Live sessions too.

Offline Students can be there at the Office premises from 8.55 am to 7 pm as its a ON-JOB Learning program . They can be in the office with our team for minimum 7 to 8 hours from Monday to Friday.

Econstruct Design & Build Pvt Ltd

Econstruct Design & Build Pvt.Ltd
Venkatdhari Heights, 2nd Floor,
Parapanna Agrahara Main road,
Kudlu, Bangalore 560068.

Each Student gets biometric Access to enter in the Classroom

1. Polytechnic Diploma (Civil Engineering)

2. B.Tech / B.E (Civil Engineeirng)

3. M.Tech / M.E( Structural Engineering)

4. CAD Structures


Passion for Structural Engineering

Passion is the key to get success in structural engineering career.

Patience to learn

Structural engineering has brought advancement and improvement to the construction industry and it will take some amount of patience to learn.


Constant Practice is required to gain expertise over Project Management with BIM Technology

48 hrs Challenge (Group Activity)

24 hrs Challenge (Individual Activity)

MASS Mock Interviews (Group + Individual Activity Making)

Every tuesday code reading (Group Activity)

Weekly objective type test (Self Assessment)

Monthly Review on your projects to assess your Learning Progress.

Written technical test. (200 Marks)

Practical Exam on Live Project.(200 Marks)

Technical Interview. (200 Marks)

Project Assignments, Attendance, Professional Attitude & Habits (200 Marks)

  • 1. Fee once paid is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • 2. 100% attendance is mandatory to achieve the desired result from this training program. Taking a break in between the training will affect your learning and placement.

ETABS Advance
CSI Bridge
CSI detailer

In- House Project Management and Collaboration Software

On-Job Internship on Site

Attend Wednesday Webinar @ 7 pm on our YouTube channel called ECONSTRUCT Design & Build Pvt Ltd. to chat directly with Mr. Sandeep Pingale – Founder & MD of E-Construct Design & Build Pvt Ltd. (or) Watch pre – recorded videos on our YouTube channel. (or) Walk in to our office any time from Mon – Friday 10:30 am to 6:00 pm (Appointment Not required). You may join our main zoom meeting platform by taking the concern from our WhatsApp number +91 9036744017 for any kind of quires.

There is no Installment facility available. Fees need to be paid in a single installment. However, you may talk to our admission counselor to get a maximum of 2 installments in 2 or 3 months max.

Certification is offered only upon successful completion of Exam.

We will offer a Working experience letter of 7 months after successful completion of Exam criteria.

We will offer Master Study Certification of 7 months issued by Econstruct Design and Build Pvt Ltd.

Assistance is offered to make a Portfolio of each candidate.

Visual OR Video resume building assistance.

Photoshoot in formals for LinkedIn profile and Resume Photo.

PLEASE NOTE – Certification is just a piece of paper. What truly matters is your knowledge, skills and relevant experience with right attitude to survive in the real Industry.

Our vision is to impart true knowledge in terms of skillset as expected by the Industry, Technical knowledge in Total and relevant work experience by ON-JOB Training.

We have observed that students are studying for 4 years in Engineering and 2 years in Post-graduation and still not able to design one simple 30 x 40 house of their own. (After studying for so many years, students have to call themselves “ FRESHERS “ .We are working very hard to eradicate this word called FRESHER from the life of recent pass out students.

Our education system and the syllabus set by the University is nowhere matching the expectations and requirements of the Industry and the Graduate and post graduates are not even employable even after studying for so many years and even after spending lakhs of rupees. Hence this corporate training was launched by Econstruct Design and Build Pvt Ltd to make sure that students acquire the required skills in short period of time and face the Industry confidently.

Our vision in this course is to remove your fresher’s tag in just 7 months and to make you 100 % Employable. We do not believe in certification without knowledge hence we do not offer completion certification if you do not clear our exam. We only offer attendance certificate to you if you have not cleared the exam. You get 2nd or 3rd chance to gain certification by re-attempting the exam. We will mentor you till you get the judgement in structures .Our ex students who have followed the training properly have managed to clear the interviews in startup companies, growing companies and Well established MNCs in India and abroad with our training .Our vision is to make you Civil /Structural Engineer in true sense hence do not ask for certification without clearing the exam.


Can I change the course after taking admission? E.g. If I take admission under composite course, can I shift in BIM or Structures individual course or vice versa?
Ans: – Provision of course change is not there under any circumstances once admission is taken. Think before you take the admission, talk to our admission counsellor multiple times if you want on this matter and decide before taking admission only.

Is the fee refundable?
Ans: – Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Is the fee transferable?
Ans: – Fee is non-transferrable under any circumstances.

Can I get certificate without completing the course?
Ans: – No. In order to get the completion certificate, you have to complete the course. If you attend the workshop, you will get the workshop participation certificate but course completion certificate won’t be provided without completion.

Is it okay if I don’t appear in the final exam?
Ans: – No. In that case, your course would be treated as incomplete. In that case, only the workshops that you have attended, participation certificate by mentioning those workshops would be given.

Is there any provision to changing the batch/differ the exam date in the immediate next available slot?
Ans: – Yes. But in that case, you have to pay an amount of Rs.10,000/- (INR) per month  as batch shifting/date shifting charge and then you will be shifted with immediate next batch.

Example : If you want to extend the course by 3 months then you will be paying 10k per month that is total of 30k for 3 months.

What is the difference between ONLINE and OFFLINE?
Ans: –

  • – Contents would be exactly same in both online and offline.
  • – Certification offered would be exactly same in both online and offline.
  • – Fees would be exactly same in both online and offline.
  • – There will be slight relaxation given for the duration in online whereas in offline it is fixed duration.
Mr. Sandeep Pingale – Founder & MD of EConstruct Design & Build Pvt Ltd.

He has 20+ years of experience in Structural designing & Execution.

Up to G + 81 Story Structure in Gulf on Structural Consultancy Projects.

He has designed & Delivered Projects worth 7000 CR in India & Abroad.

He holds unlimited Structural Licence of high rise Committee of Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

He is successfully running Econstruct as a entrepreneur since 2010 in India.

Mr. Sandeep Pingale is a Personal Career Coach to many Civil engineering students working professionals & Consultants in India & Abroad.

He has delivered more than 500 + Technical workshops in PAN India & trained 1000 + Civil Engineers.

He has launched a revolution to remove \”fresher\’s tag\” from the recent pass outs who are suffering to get a job in spite of 4 years+ 2 years degree or PG due to lack of knowledge, Skills & relevant Experience.

He has launched first of its kind tech – support number for civil engineering students, working or consultants to ask technical queries or to get online tech support in civil or to get career counselling.

Each student gets User id & Password of work progress tool after Admission.This helps them in uploading the assignments or asking doubts or storing all the data in our Work progress drive in one place. Students can assess their own performance, efficiency and Time management through this tool.
Thousands of Technical videos, e-books, Codes.

We @ Econstruct believe in giving right technical skills, Knowledge & relevant working experience to our trainees. Those who follow the training of all assignment & activities are 100% sure of getting a core technical Job through our reference or On their own.

Most of our students who followed the training well, have managed to get a Job in startup companies, Growing companies and well established MNCs in India and abroad.We will route you for interview in minimum 1 to 3 companies after successful completion of the examination process.

We have planned placements in a particular way and following is the strategy for your core technical placement

a) Impart right technical skills + knowledge + relevant working experience so that our trainees are highly confident in any interview.

b) We will also give you exposure in terms of executing the project from start to end and submit it within the deadline during training. This makes you industry ready as you would have executed the projects in group or individually during the training.

c) We will give you assistance in making your strong portfolio.

d) We offer work experience letter and this will help you to remove your freshers tag and multiple mock interview sessions

e) We offer you experience on Residential , commercial, Industrial and Infra projects so that you are ready to face the industry from Day 1.

f) Upon successful completion of exams we will also route you to minimum 1 to 3 companies for placement.


Working on Industry Live Projects.

Residential Projects.

Commercial Projects.

Infrastructure Projects.

Industrial Projects

Indian Codes

IS-456 2000


IS-1893 2016



International Codes

BS 8110

ACI 318


UBC 97

Econstruct primarily offers two courses: “Master Study In Structural Engineering” and “Master Study In Project Management with BIM Technology”. We also offer a third combined course, “Master Study In Structural Engineering + Master Study In Project Management with BIM Technology”, for those interested in both areas of study.
Our educational approach involves “On-Job Learning”, also referred to as “Hands-On” or “Experiential Learning Program”.
As a consultancy and construction firm, our training programs integrate you into our ongoing projects, allowing you to work closely with our team and gain first-hand experience in a real work environment. This immersive method means you’ll engage with every stage of a project, gaining the confidence and expertise needed for any future projects. This ‘learn by doing’ approach is the backbone of our corporate training platform.
The “Master Study In Structural Engineering” course typically takes 7 to 14 months. This varies as it’s project-based learning, and different individuals may need different durations to complete their projects. After seven months of training, the eighth month is allocated for portfolio creation, placement, and final assessment by our team. We also offer a buffer period of 2 to 4 months for those wishing to explore more projects.
Depending on your performance, you may get the chance to work on at least one international project, as previous batches have done.
As this is an On-Job Learning Program, you’ll be expected to follow standard office hours, which are from 8:55 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday.
Yes, we offer online training.
Yes, the content, certifications, and fees remain the same whether you’re learning online or offline.
Upon completion, you’ll receive an Experience Letter for all projects completed during the On-Job Learning period and a Master Study Certificate in Structural Engineering or Project Management with BIM Technology, depending on the course selected.
We have a 100% placement record. Our emphasis on real-time, real-project training prepares you to tackle core engineering jobs with confidence, making you an appealing prospect for any employer, whether a startup, an MNC, or an international company. Successful job placement is a natural result of our practical, hands-on training approach.
It’s advised not to take any breaks during the first 8 months of training. We operate Monday through Friday, with weekends as full holidays. Given the real project deadlines, frequent breaks can disrupt the learning process and the project completion. Consistent participation is crucial, and placement and certification may not be guaranteed for irregular students.
We provide a minimum of three company references. In addition, adding technical projects to your LinkedIn profile often attracts potential employers.
We don’t follow a strict syllabus or timetable. Instead, we focus on providing hands-on project experience, including working on Indian and international projects up to G+40 or G+50 story structures. We also aim to nurture skills like critical thinking, decision making, teamwork, technical reporting, presentations, soft skills, personal branding, and knowledge of the latest software.
The content we offer is the same for both online and offline modes. The key to real learning is focus and attentiveness, regardless of the mode. Fresh graduates without prior experience are advised to opt for offline training in our Bangalore office, while working professionals and consultants may prefer online training with pre-recorded videos. Online students can also visit our Bangalore office for live workshops occasionally.
Course fee
An investment


Still Confused?

Master Study in Structural engineering

Price is same for both Online & Offline
(₹ 1,77,967+18% GST)
₹ 2,10,000
AED 9,000 or US$ 2,510
  • Live project experience
  • 6+1 Month Experience Letter
  • ETABS Basic | ETABS Advanced | STAAD pro | SAFE | SAP2000 | CSI Bridge & Detailer | RCDC | Prokon
  • Indian Codes: IS-456 2000 | IS-800 | IS-1893 2016 | IS-13920 | IS-16700
  • International Codes: BS 8110 | ACI 318 | CEB FIP 90 | UBC 97
  • Digital Library
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • World class CRM system

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